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Middle Grade

Die Geschichten Wandler Magische Tinte
Attie and the Worldbreakers (German Edition)

The London bookshop owned by Attie’s family has always attracted a slightly odd crowd, but the man in the tattered green top hat is odder than most. And that’s before Attie sees him take out a flamboyant green quill and a pot of glowing ink and scribble all over a rare book that is worth more than her mum’s car.


But when she looks at the book, Attie could swear that the story itself has changed. The book hasn’t just been graffitied, it’s actually been rewritten, the original words replaced by new ones that glow radioactive green – and Attie is the only one who remembers that it was ever different. Soon, she’s seeing shining green ink everywhere, the handiwork of the mysterious Emerald Ink Society and its leader, Quillon Fable.

Attie gets pulled into the competitive world of the Ink, but changing books has consequences. Every time Fable magically rewrites a story, something in Attie’s world breaks: first, London’s iconic black cabs turn red, but when landmarks start disappearing and sweets are banned from London’s shops, Attie can’t deny that things are getting worse. More worryingly, with each ripple of magic through the city, Attie’s brilliant grandmother, Grams, seems to lose a little bit of herself.


It’s up to Attie to stop Fable from destroying the world and the people that she loves, armed only with a pen, a slightly wonky understanding of book magic, and a steely determination to not let her wonderful Grams slip away from her. 


Percy Jackson meets Inkheart in a fast-paced, inky adventure.

Attie and the Claw and Spark Alliance (German Edition)

When Attie stumbles across a new kind of magic, one that her Grams claims has been dead for centuries, she gets sucked into a magical mystery that Quillon Fable insists is not Emerald Ink business. A strange boy named George has sought Attie out, claiming that he’s the only surviving member of the mysterious Claw and Spark Alliance — a society with dragon magic. George can talk to every dragon statue, painting, and image in London, and has been reanimating them for protection when he senses trouble brewing. 


Because someone else is waking up a different kind of dragon. And this type of dragon has a sinister power — it can turn people to stone. As people in London start disappearing, it’s up to Attie, George, and Attie’s best friend Delia to get the Emerald Ink Society on their side before it’s too late. And with Delia getting swept up in her own magical adventure, Attie’s not sure just how much they can trust their new friend George. There may be an army of dragons at the ready, but Attie isn’t sure if it’s theirs to command, or if it’s being aimed in their direction.

Die Geschichten Wandler Steinern Drachen
Die Geschichten Wandler Gefahrliche Wunsche
Attie and the Silt and Treasure Guild (German Edition)

London’s ancient magical secret societies have been reawakening, and no one is quite sure why. Since her adventures with George and the newly reinstated Claw and Spark Alliance, Attie and the junior Ink members have helped several new groups discover secrets that were supposed to have been forgotten. Their success with the London Ghost Coalition (a group that can talk to the ghosts of anyone buried in London) led them to help revive the Wish Workers Association (who can use wishes from all the coins tossed in London’s fountains). They, in turn, recommended Attie to the Urban Animal Squad, whose spy network reaches all across London. 


Attie can’t resist one last group in need, and when she and the junior Ink members are visited by the last remaining member of the Silt and Treasure Guild — Caspian Atwater, who has the power to speak to the Thames, she comes his aid. Caspian can throw magical messages in bottles into the river, and the river answers back using the objects that it washes ashore. But lately the River is sending messages that don’t make any sense, and they’re getting more urgent and chilling - the River is littering the foreshore with ancient bones.


The team get to work on the case, but it turns out that the Emerald Ink Society has been keeping its own secrets for the past several centuries. And by helping the new secret societies harness their magic, Attie is playing right into the hands of an old enemy. Packed with ghost magic, wishes, animal spies, dragon statues come to life, and of course magical green Ink that can move mountains, this is the third and final instalment in the Attie and the Worldbreakers series. 

Attie and the Worldbreakers
(Dutch edition)
Enna tegen het Inktgenootschap
Attie and the Claw and Spark Alliance (Dutch edition)
Enna - tegen de verloren draken
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